Chamberlain Award winners receive their trophies!

On July 11th at the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame, The Jim Thorpe Association and
other groups honored high school student athletes. Among them, FATE
honored this year’s winners of the Chris Chamberlain Challenge Award:
 Clay Mattox of Yukon and Angela Clifton & Caitlyn Biggers of
Bethany.  The Chamberlain award goes to the male and female high school
athletes who do the most to live a substance free life themselves but
also speak out and promote substance free living on their teams and in
their schools.  The winners received the Chamberlain trophy, an
autographed Chamberlain football and $1500 in scholarship money from
FATE and Oklahoma High School Sports Express.

This is one of our greatest opportunities here at FATE to encourage high school athletes to educate themselves about the dangers of substance abuse and to motivate them to make a difference in their school. Can’t wait for next year’s challenge!!

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Watch the video below:

Oklahoma Life of an Athlete